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Who we are?
MIPO Marine
We don’t offer shallow advice or general observations and overviews.
Instead, all our activities are based on deep engagements with our clients' needs, treating them as if they were our own business.
We are a boutique ship broker and chartering company, specializing in facilitating the buying, selling, |
We support global trade by connecting countries, cultures and economies.
We offer expertise in vessel financing and commodity trading, providing comprehensive solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs.
Ship chartering provides companies with a unique opportunity to use vessels for cargo transportation without the need to own their own fleet. This allows companies to save significant costs on the acquisition, maintenance and management of vessels, as well as to avoid the cost of berthing and storage of vessels during idle periods.

In addition, ship chartering provides companies with the flexibility to choose optimal routes and voyages depending on the needs and market conditions, which allows them to optimize logistics and increase the efficiency of transportation.
Discover our comprehensive brokerage services designed to facilitate chartering of various vessels, including from handy-size to cape size dry bulk carriers and LPG gas carriers.
Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized, innovative, and efficient solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in the maritime industry.
Brokerage Service
Our business areas
Learn about our vessel financing services, providing customized solutions to support the financial aspects of vessel acquisition, construction, and operations.
Vessel Financing
Discover our expertise in commodity trading, where we leverage our industry knowledge and network to facilitate efficient and reliable trading of maritime commodities. Our specialized approach aims to provide seamless and tailored solutions to meet our clients' diverse trading requirements within the maritime industry.
Сommodity trading
Our freight brokers with trusted connections around the world provide the most favorable freight rates.
You don't need to contract with different companies responsible for different parts of the logistics chain - we take care of that for you.
Loading/unloading and securing of the cargo will be carried out in an optimal manner, without undue risk to both the cargo and the vehicle.
We take responsibility for every stage of transportation
Understanding Maritime Risks
The maritime sphere is fraught with numerous risks, spanning from adverse weather conditions and mechanical breakdowns to piracy and geopolitical uncertainties. Each voyage presents its own unique array of challenges, necessitating proactive risk mitigation strategies to preempt potential threats and maintain seamless operations.
Our holistic risk management framework encompasses several critical components:
Proactive Risk Management
We conduct meticulous risk assessments to pinpoint potential hazards and vulnerabilities associated with each voyage, taking into account variables such as weather patterns, route intricacies, and vessel conditions.
Upon identifying risks, we gauge their probability and potential impact on our operations. This involves assessing the likelihood of occurrence and potential repercussions, enabling us to categorize risks based on their gravity.
Risk Identification:
Risk Assessment:
Armed with a clear comprehension of identified risks, we enact robust mitigation strategies to curtail their impact. This may entail opting for alternate routes, fortifying vessel maintenance protocols, or instituting security measures to deter piracy risks.
Despite our best efforts to mitigate risks, unforeseen contingencies may manifest. Therefore, we devise comprehensive contingency plans to respond promptly to emergencies and mitigate their ramifications. These plans undergo regular reassessment and refinement to uphold their efficacy in addressing evolving threats.
Risk Mitigation:
Contingency Planning:


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